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Publikationsverzeichnis von PD Dr. Florian Amtage

Originalarbeiten als Erstautor:                        

  1. Egger K*, Amtage F*, Yang S, Obmann M, Schwarzwald R, Köstering L, Mader I, Koenigsdorf J, Weiller C, Kaller CP, Urbach H (2016) T2* Relaxometry in Patients with Parkinson's Disease: Use of an Automated Atlas-based Approach. Clinical Neuroradiology (Epub ahead of print).
  2. Amtage F, Rijntjes M, Frings L, Weiller C, Meyer PT, Hellwig S (2015) Metabolic patterns associated with survival in PSP/CBS: an 18FDG PET voxel-based analysis. Basal Ganglia 6(1):45-51.               
  3. Trenado C*, Amtage F*, Huethe F, Schulte-Mönting J, Mendez-Balbuena I, Baker SN, Baker M, Hepp-Reymond MC, Manjarrez E, Kristeva R (2014) Suppression of enhanced physiological tremor via stochastic noise: initial observations. PLoS One 9(11):e112782.                
  4. Amtage F, Maurer C, Hellwig S, Tüscher O, Kreft A, Weiller C, Rijntjes M, Winkler C, Meyer PT (2014) Functional correlates of vertical gaze palsy and other ocular motor deficits in PSP: an FDG-PET study. Parkinsonism and Related Disorders 20(8):898-906.                         
  5. Amtage F, Hellwig S, Kreft A, Spehl T, Glauche V, Winkler C, Rijntjes M, Hellwig B, Weiller C, Weber WA, Tüscher O, Meyer PT (2014) Neuronal Correlates of Clinical Asymmetry in Progressive Supranuclear Palsy. Clinical Nuclear Medicine 39(4):319-325.                             
  6. Amtage F*, Spehl TS*, Hellwig S, Sahm U, Hellwig B, Reuland P, Weiller C, Weber WA, Winkler C, Meyer PT (2012) Assessment of striatal dopamine D2/D3 receptor availability with PET and 18F-desmethoxyfallypride: comparison of imaging protocols suited for clinical routine. Journal of Nuclear Medicine 53(10):1558-1564. 
  7. Amtage F, Henschel K, Schelter B, Vesper J, Timmer J, Lücking CH, Hellwig B (2009) High functional connectivity of tremor related subthalamic neurons in Parkinson's disease. Clinical Neurophysiology 120(9):1755-1761.
  8. Amtage F, Henschel K, Schelter B, Vesper J, Timmer J, Lücking CH, Hellwig B (2008) Tremor-correlated neuronal activity in the subthalamic nucleus of Parkinsonian patients. Neuroscience Letters 442(3):195-199.
  9. Amtage F, Neughebauer B, McIntosh JM, Freiman T, Zentner J, Feuerstein TJ, Jackisch R (2004) Characterization of nicotinic receptors inducing noradrenaline release and absence of nicotinic autoreceptors in human neocortex. Brain Research Bulletin 62(5):413-423.    

Originalarbeit als Letztautor:

Spehl TS, Frings L, Hellwig S, Weiller C, Hüll M, Meyer PT, Amtage F (2015) Role of semiquantitative assessment of regional binding potential in 123I-FP-CIT SPECT for the differentiation of frontotemporal dementia, dementia with Lewy bodies, and Alzheimer's dementia. Clinical Nuclear Medicine 40(1):e27-33.                

Originalarbeiten als Co-Autor:

  1. Möller L, Kassubek J, Südmeyer M, Hilker R, Hattingen E, Egger K, Amtage F, Pinkhardt EH, Respondek G, Stamelou M, Möller F, Schnitzler A, Oertel WH, Knake S, Huppertz HJ, Höglinger GU (2017) Manual MRI morphometry in Parkinsonian syndromes. Movement Disorders doi: 10.1002/mds.26921. [Epub ahead of print].                         
  2. Sajonz BE, Amtage F, Reinacher PC, Jenkner C, Piroth T, Kätzler J, Urbach H, Coenen VA (2016) Deep Brain Stimulation for Tremor Tractographic Versus Traditional (DISTINCT): Study Protocol of a Randomized Controlled Feasibility Trial. JMIR Research Protocols 5(4):e244.                
  3. Huppertz HJ, Möller L, Südmeyer M, Hilker R, Hattingen E, Egger K, Amtage F, Respondek G, Stamelou M, Schnitzler A, Pinkhardt EH, Oertel WH, Knake S, Kassubek J, Höglinger GU (2016) Differentiation of neurodegenerative parkinsonian syndromes by volumetric magnetic resonance imaging analysis and support vector machine classification. Movement Disorders 31(10):1506-1517.
  4. Coenen VA, Rijntjes M, Prokop T, Piroth T, Amtage F, Urbach H, Reinacher PC (2016) One-pass deep brain stimulation of dentato-rubro-thalamic tract and subthalamic nucleus for tremor-dominant or equivalent type Parkinson's disease. Acta Neurochirurgica (Wien) 158(4):773-781.
  5. Hellwig S, Frings L, Amtage F, Buchert R, Spehl TS, Rijntjes M, Tüscher O, Weiller C, Weber WA, Vach W, Meyer PT (2015) 18F-FDG PET is an early predictor of overall survival in suspected atypical parkinsonism. Journal of Nuclear Medicine 56(10):1541-1546.                    
  6. Köstering L, Schmidt CS, Egger K, Amtage F, Peter J, Klöppel S, Beume LA, Hoeren M, Weiller C, Kaller CP (2015) Assessment of planning performance in clinical samples: Reliability and validity of the Tower of London task (TOL-F). Neuropsychologia 75:646-655.   
  7. Niethammer M, Tang CC, Feigin A, Allen PJ, Heinen L, Hellwig S, Amtage F, Hanspal E, Vonsattel JP, Poston KL, Meyer PT, Leenders KL, Eidelberg D (2014) A disease-specific metabolic brain network associated with corticobasal degeneration. Brain 137(Pt 11):3036-3046.
  8. Spehl TS, Hellwig S, Amtage F, Weiller C, Bormann T, Weber WA, Hüll M, Meyer PT, Frings L (2014) Syndrome-Specific Patterns of Regional Cerebral Glucose Metabolism in Posterior Cortical Atrophy in Comparison to Dementia with Lewy Bodies and Alzheimer’s Disease - A [F-18]-FDG PET Study. Journal of Neuroimaging 25(2):281-288. 
  9. Mader M, Klatt J, Amtage F, Hellwig B, Mader W, Sommerlade L, Timmer J, Schelter B (2014) Spectral and Higher-Order-Spectral Analysis of Tremor Time Series. Journal of Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology 4(2):149.
  10. Hellwig S, Matthias R, Amtage F, Guschlbauer B, Buchert R, Tüscher O, Weiller C, Niesen WD, Meyer PT (2014) Transcranial sonography and FDG-PET for the differential diagnosis of parkinsonism: a head-to-head comparison. European Journal of Neurology 21(6):860-866.
  11. Hellwig S, Frings L, Bormann T, Kreft A, Amtage F, Spehl T, Weiller C, Tüscher O, Meyer PT (2013) Neural correlates of cognitive dysfunction in Lewy body diseases and tauopathies: Combined assessment with FDG-PET and the CERAD test battery. Brain and Language 127(2):307-314.                 
  12. Hellwig S, Kreft A, Amtage F, Tüscher O, Winz OH, Hellwig B, Weiller C, Weber WA, Vach W, Meyer PT (2013) 123I-Iodobenzamide SPECT Is Not an Independent Predictor of Dopaminergic Responsiveness in Patients with Suspected Atypical Parkinsonian Syndromes. Journal of Nuclear Medicine 54(12):2081-2086.                                                  
  13. P, Timmermann L, Hälbig TD, Hesekamp H, Navarro SM, Meier N, Falk D, Mehdorn M, Paschen S, Maarouf M, Barbe MT, Fink GR, Kupsch A, Gruber D, Schneider GH, Seigneuret E, Kistner A, Chaynes P, Ory-Magne F, Brefel Courbon C, Vesper J, Schnitzler A, Wojtecki L, Houeto JL, Bataille B, Maltête D, Damier P, Raoul S, Sixel-Doering F, Hellwig D, Gharabaghi A, Krüger R, Pinsker MO, Amtage F, Régis JM, Witjas T, Thobois S, Mertens P, Kloss M, Hartmann A, Oertel WH, Post B, Speelman H, Agid Y, Schade-Brittinger C, Deuschl G; EARLYSTIM Study Group (2013) Neurostimulation for Parkinson's disease with early motor complications. New England Journal of Medicine 368(7):610-622.                                         
  14. Pinsker MO, Amtage F, Berger M, Nikkhah G, Tebartz van Elst L (2013) Psychiatric side effects of bilateral deep brain stimulation for movement disorders. Acta Neurochirurgica Supplement 117:47-51.
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  16. Meder MA, Lange R, Amtage F, Rijntjes M (2012) Proximal stimulus confirms carpal tunnel syndrome--a new test? --a clinical and electrophysiologic, multiple-blind, controlled study. Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology 29(1):89-95.                                                                      
  17. Heiberger L, Maurer C, Amtage F, Mendez-Balbuena I, Schulte-Mönting J, Hepp-Reymond MC, Kristeva R (2011) Impact of a weekly dance class on the functional mobility and on the quality of life of individuals with Parkinson's disease. Frontiers of Aging Neuroscience 3:14.   
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  19. Sommerlade L, Amtage F, Lapp O, Hellwig B, Lücking CH, Timmer J, Schelter B (2011) On the estimation of the direction of information flow in networks of dynamical systems. Journal of Neuroscience Methods 196(1):182-189.
  20. Sommerlade L, Henschel K, Wohlmuth J, Jachan M, Amtage F, Hellwig B, Lücking CH, Timmer J, Schelter B (2009) Time-variant estimation of directed influences during Parkinsonian tremor. Journal of Physiology (Paris) 103(6):348-352.                                             
  21. Henschel K, Hellwig B, Amtage F, Vesper J, Jachan M, Lücking CH, Timmer J, Schelter B (2008) Multivariate analysis of dynamical processes - Point processes and time series. European Physical Journal Special Topics 165: 25–34.                                                                     
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Wissenschaftliche Übersichtsarbeiten:

  1. Coenen VA, Amtage F, Volkmann J, Schläpfer TE (2015) Deep Brain Stimulation in Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders. Deutsches Ärzteblatt International 112(31-32):519-526.                          
  2. Meyer PT, Amtage F, Hellwig S (2014) Differentialdiagnostik des Parkinson-Syndroms mit nuklearmedizinischen Verfahren [Differential diagnostics of Parkinson's disease with nuclear medicine procedures]. Nervenarzt 85(6):680-689.                                                      
  3. Amtage F, Feuerstein TJ, Meier S, Prokop T, Piroth T, Pinsker MO (2013) Hypokinesia upon Pallidal Deep Brain Stimulation of Dystonia: Support of a GABAergic Mechanism. Frontiers of Neurology 4:198.      
  4. Amtage F (2013) Essentieller Tremor als diagnostische und therapeutische Herausforderung Ärztliches Journal Neurologie/Psychiatrie 3|2013.
  5. Amtage F, Hellwig S, Meyer PT (2012) Klinische Differenzialdiagnose des Parkinson-Syndroms [Clinical Differential Diagnosis of Parkinson Syndromes]. Der Nuklearmediziner 35: 93–101.
  6. Meyer PT, Hellwig S, Amtage F (2012) Differenzialdiagnostik des neurodegenerativen Parkinson-Syndroms mit nuklearmedizinischen Verfahren [Differential Diagnostics of Neurodegenerative Parkinsonian Syndromes with Nuclear Medicine Procedures]. Der Nuklearmediziner 35:109–123.   


  1. Piroth T, Boelmans, Amtage F, Rijntjes M, Wierciochin A, Musacchio T, Weiller C, Volkmann J, Klebe S (2017) Adult-Onset Niemann–Pick Disease Type C: Rapid Treatment Initiation Advised but Early Diagnosis Remains Difficult. Frontiers in Neurology 8:108.             
  2. Amtage F, Birnbaum D, Reinhard T, Niesen W-D, Weiller C, Mader I, Meyer PT, Rijntjes M (2014) Estrogen intake and copper depositions: implications for Alzheimer’s disease? Case Reports in Neurology 6(2):181-187.
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  6. Amtage F, Marouf W, Hetzel A, Schubert M (2007) Acquired prothrombotic state due to protein-losing enteropathy as a rare cause for ischemic stroke? European Journal of Neurology 14(4):7-8.


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